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A Medium Everyday

05202014  My new phone.  Sara surprised me with, a great first video for a device that works with my computer.  Debbie Gibson Haynes and Kevin aka Oliver Twist, Fresh Kid Ice, Marquis Your Brotha.


No, you haven’t seen the “Magician”, the “Flowered”,  or “The Bunion”, because the “Oliver Twist” is the lie down, don’t mess and decide move.  This video demonstrates Kevin’s tactical maneuver he named after himself.

Beware & Admire.


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Everyone’s got to be wrong sometime.

Jan Švankmajer

just might be “cry’n and wonder’n”.  because people be learn’n.’  because the first two videos aren’t his.

As someone’s child, I rarely enjoyed cartoons because under-worked backgrounds repeated to create a sense of movement, that lazy-asss  pattern frustrated me….and anyways, women’s aerobics was much more intriguing to watch.  Watch, enjoy work.

Downhill from here.

I can never take myself seriously.

What pattern?

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18 minute Limit

try it, your worst may be the best.






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Julius Hofmann / Throbbing Gristle

Complete and Impresse.

Enjoy some music and contemplate some art.

Julius Hofmann10 Julius Hofmann1 Julius Hofmann2 Julius Hofmann3 Julius Hofmann4 Julius Hofmann5 Julius Hofmann6 Julius Hofmann7 Julius Hofmann8 Julius Hofmann9


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Lux Interior, Johnny Ramone and Rob Zombie

Wherever  you are photographed,  imagine staring into the eyes of your future self, examining the image.

Lux Interior, Johnny Ramone and Rob Zombie


Prostate Cancer is Rock-N-Roll..when you write fast songs about it.


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Celebrity Silence

The most contemporary internet bandwagon people are bending forwards into is this “silence” concept.  I find it simply enjoyable.  Oh, you don’t like to watch people?


This smarty-art technique has been around for a while, but not as humorous.

You know this had to be out there.

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