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Father’s Day

Ever since he grew that dang mustache, that kid stopped caring.

“He can not even” Dad and his walking stick.

Yes, I eavesdropped and it was his Dad. Youngest of eight!

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A Medium Everyday

05132014   Elisabet Ney Museum, Canon A2E, Canon 50mm 1.4 and Kodak 160nc; with a Breau-Vanderzee.


I look at this photo and speak to myself, “Richard, you are a great mutha fuck’n Photographer!”.

I’m enjoying scanning the old negatives.



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A Medium Everyday

05092014   Fuji NPR and my trusted Canon AE-1, with my brother.




This was taken years ago in West, Texas.  I had no idea this phenomenon would still exist.  If I’m not mistaken, this was at The Little Czech Bakery.



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A Medium Every Every Everyday

05052014   Pen and Paper with some photoshop with a peek.





Inspired by the memories of Joe Bob Briggs, Elvira, Friday Night Videos and scrambled antennae porn.



Here’s the original drawing I made to be scanned, computerized and onointed.






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…a handful of simple arguments.

elvis samich



Adolfo Bimer

yes_thats bette midler


Yes, that is a picture of Bette Midler right after she admitted she wrote “Wind Beneath My Wings” about Rev. Al Sharpton.



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