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Dirty Math

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If each note in that song was replaced by a piano’s hammer massaging a chord and slowed down 1000%, you could hear the hammer¬† bouncing from the string several times. The key may only be pressed one time for each note, however, (like Rhianna) it is struck several times.¬† Something you would never notice at full speed.

It would be beautiful.

I was wrong, I was thinking of it in a different way, if it was 1000% it would go in reverse. The song is ten times slower, but that’s because it’s 1/10 it’s normal speed, so it would be 10% slower…technically.

But wait, if a song is 100 measures, and normally 1 measure lasts 15 seconds, then the rate is 1meas/15sec. This can as well be expressed as its inverse, 15sec/1meas. Therefore, multiply by 1000 and get 15000sec/1meas. We then have a song 1500000sec long. 1500000sec * 1min/60sec = 25,000 min….

Yeah I don’t know.

creepy still

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