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Lymph Node’s Concentrated White Blood Cell Sidedeways Sauce

Honestly, one of the best I’ve had for flavor and controlled heat. PLUS, you can customize the label…watch for Lymph Node’s Concentrated  White Blood Cell Sidedeways Sauce.  Delicious for the timid and disturbing to the mild.



:This sauce is prescribedly delicious.”


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Buy ME presents!

This is the Lymph Node Squad my birthday and shouts out to uh, myseeeeeeeelf (and J-Vo).

So you want to know what the English are saying about it?

“Ok so i listened to it a couple of times and got a friend to listen too, she said it reminds her of a bad trip she had once at a festival where she was paranoid that someone was going to rape her ass. My personal opinion of this track is that it sounds like an underground torture club filled with sinister characters performing sexual deviance…some of the voices sound like they’re sending subliminal messages. It has a dirty feel to it but i like its edge, like the buzz you get from something you shouldn’t be doing.”

So, buy me presents……I know you love …………Gravy.

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