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beauty based on or characterized by such excellence of proportion


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Adobe CS4 (2008)

Tutorials for Magnetic Lasso, Ctrl C/Ctrl V and Free Transform.    (no, I didn’t create a new layer.)


We never hire anyone with experience, and our outdated Photoshop is only used to lighten or darken an image.  When I have a 30 minute lunch and no one is in the studio, I enjoy teaching parlor tricks.

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Why wouldn’t you stop to listen? Why won’t you stop to watch?

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When you’re in North Texas, visit me. Something will always happen when we go out. I don’t have to make a reservation to help.

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Once is Sometimes, Twice is Always.

An existing Pro-Life, Christian Republican exists, he, without supporting how those babies (which must be educated,fed and raised) simply doesn’t want his tax praise to benefit them. 

Save social security and allow people to make responsible decisions about how not to burden your status.

If you’re going to force families to have babies, you better be willing to pay.

COPUNTRY SIMPLE: Be preperred,

Click ->Give me my money! <-Click


Damn, if you watched it, the girl was home schooled…I have no argument.


grow up jesus

Grow up Jesus.


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Posing Guide

Click there   —–>    ______

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Once is Sometimes, Twice is Always

I’m going to go out on date with a, ah, with this idea, because I haven’t seen it mentioned amongst all this politckan…



Why are all these people against “Obamacare” wearing a “PRO life”  bumper-sticker?

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