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Audrey Horne

Those were the salad days for me at Naaman Forest H.S. when I first met Audrey Horne on my television.  In retrospect, I suppose not one of my classmates was “mature” enough to handle the growth spurts of Richard Scxhildgen…and when I got home I could only think of synonyms to the soundtrack of the dreamiest girl alive.

Oh, Fuck yes!  Dreams come true!  This was the moment this was my raison d’être.  Fuck, fuck, fuck YES!

Now, oh shit no…fucking shit no, no NO…what happened…it wasn’t supposed to be like this!  And to grind salt into my severed cock now is that fucking ginger-balls Danny Bonaduce chatting the fuck shit up with mother fucking Mike Brady in the background.  FUCK!

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