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Adobe CS4 (2008)

Tutorials for Magnetic Lasso, Ctrl C/Ctrl V and Free Transform.    (no, I didn’t create a new layer.)


We never hire anyone with experience, and our outdated Photoshop is only used to lighten or darken an image.  When I have a 30 minute lunch and no one is in the studio, I enjoy teaching parlor tricks.

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Father’s Day

Ever since he grew that dang mustache, that kid stopped caring.

“He can not even” Dad and his walking stick.

Yes, I eavesdropped and it was his Dad. Youngest of eight!

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When you’re in North Texas, visit me. Something will always happen when we go out. I don’t have to make a reservation to help.

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Bob Crane and The Dead Milkmen


That’s how I was introduced to Bob Crane, a short mention of his name in a Punk Rock song. Mr. Crane is celebrated as one of the first things/person I “searched” for on the internet when dial-up online searches became available. As a photographer and always creeped out by Richard Dawson on FAMILY FUED, the mystery and intrigue of Bob and his death thrilled. What happened!

Don’t fall asleep jealous, stay up and watch Auto Focus (A biography about a photographer who appeared in a sitcom about the Holocaust) with me. Hey, Willem Dafoe is creepy!

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I downloaded a free application for my phone to make pictures look like I opened the camera door before rewinding!


At least the other images on the roll in my phone weren’t effected so bad, maybe I can Photoshop it to not look like a dumbass?


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United States, where even birds have Class.

The once elusive, and apparently still majestic American Bald Eagle still loves a dead snack from the bed of a Nissan truck.

It’s natural, I’ve seen pigeons tearing fried chicken meat from a bone on a Whole Foods Market patio…maybe we should blame it on Canadia(sic) since they are closer to Alaska than we are.


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if you’re a weird shit that does weird shit during the day, this following message is for you:

North American Greek (sorority) girl on a computer versus Germans in an English wine bar.    NSFW


Continuing to build character.




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This is Chuck,

He has an earring and a heartbeat.

Happy Thanksgiv’n.

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