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A Medium Everyday

05262014   I’m not feeling it today, your medium is an empty screen with a colon.













A Medium Everyday

05242014   Video of me letting my manager talk.  It’s boring, like real life.


A Medium Everyday

05162014   16″ x 20″  Declined Photo Canvas, Oil Paint, Water Color and Acrylic Paint with a touch of Mod Podge to make the blood glisten.




A Medium Everyday

05062014   Pen, Paper and Photoshoppes

“Why would?”

“I’d worry a lot less, if I knew you were worrying enough.”




A Medium Every Every Everyday

05052014   Pen and Paper with some photoshop with a peek.





Inspired by the memories of Joe Bob Briggs, Elvira, Friday Night Videos and scrambled antennae porn.



Here’s the original drawing I made to be scanned, computerized and onointed.






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A Medium Everyday

04182014 Watercolor and Ink with Bill


I began a project dialing random telephone numbers beginning with area code 512. I asked whomever answered the phone to describe either their best anecdote, a life-changing decision, a childhood memory or simply speak to me about what they were doing at the time….Sometimes I think they were “high brah”.


Bill, was the worst roommate, and laughed uncontrollably (But that wasn’t the reason why.). Bill’s nick name was “The Room”.


“I’m a husky man.” was how he began his story.  This image I painted was a depiction of his roommates because…he wished he could see the looks on their faces….because ‘The Room’ ate it….Get it?  The room ate it?”.


Bill aka The Room, ate all the groceries and leftovers “….while SMELLING some sherm..Ha Ah HA…sheeee”

“One of them white, they don’t need it.”

“Maybe room be eatin’ mee.”

“I am that kitchen room.”






Bill and I spoke for 15 minutes, and I just assumed his roommates would be thin.

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A Medium Everyday


03122014  Watercolor Pencils and Water


watercolor fingers


Stereotypically ,

White people are so white, they post questionnaires on FaceBook from BUZZFEED to determine ones specific personality.



Click THIS Sentence Fragment to Determine.

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A Medium Everyday

03032014   T-Max 3200 pushed to 6400, developed 6 years after exposed



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Stress weak(sic) in the brain this we e/a….

I’m gonna make a “save the date” invitation that reads.



Stress weak(sic) in the brain this we e/a….

Condense and increase.

Scattering wildly

Difficult milk with “Makin’ Sausage Pony Rides”




here’s the accompanying video.


.                                                                              I remember Monica Cook      <–CLICH

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