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United States, where even birds have Class.

The once elusive, and apparently still majestic American Bald Eagle still loves a dead snack from the bed of a Nissan truck.

It’s natural, I’ve seen pigeons tearing fried chicken meat from a bone on a Whole Foods Market patio…maybe we should blame it on Canadia(sic) since they are closer to Alaska than we are.


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Cherubs on Holiday


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Once is Sometimes, Twice is Always.

An existing Pro-Life, Christian Republican exists, he, without supporting how those babies (which must be educated,fed and raised) simply doesn’t want his tax praise to benefit them. 

Save social security and allow people to make responsible decisions about how not to burden your status.

If you’re going to force families to have babies, you better be willing to pay.

COPUNTRY SIMPLE: Be preperred,

Click ->Give me my money! <-Click


Damn, if you watched it, the girl was home schooled…I have no argument.


grow up jesus

Grow up Jesus.


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Now that Instagram can begin selling my images to 3rd parties for advertising…. It begins!


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Charming Potatos

Hey Sears Portrait Studios! I’m gonna act like Roebuck and say…



Expansion & Compression


Example 1:

Educationally, this is the best example for the novice that just spent too much money on an 18-200 Quantary lens.  The image below accurately represents the effect of expansion and compression.  There!

Lenses can be \frac{1}{f} = (n-1) \left[ \frac{1}{R_1} - \frac{1}{R_2} + \frac{(n-1)d}{n R_1 R_2} \right], CRAY


Example 2:

Of course things…anatomical.  I’m not here to educate completely everyone.

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Smoke’em if you got ’em

Yesterday was Holocaust Remembrance Day, we celebrated the horrific stories of the 6 million Jews who were gassed, starved and shot point blank throughout WWII.  However, we didn’t even give notice t0 the others that don’t bitch and complain about it.  Such as…

  • Soviet POW’s- 3.3 million
  • Non-Jewish Poles- 1.8-2 million
  • Romanis (‘gypsies’)- 220,000- 270,000 (but even the higher figure may be too low)
  • Disabled- 200,000 – 250,000
  • Homosexuals- 5,000 – 15,000
  • Jehovahs Witnesses- 2,500 – 5,000

Moreover, today is National Weed Remembrance Day, which also usually means a Bob Marley Festival is within 50 miles of your location.

Please, smoke’em if you got’em today as you might have remembered smoking them yesterday and consider how you will bear that responsibility by learning how you can support, and get involved with, the organizations that are committed to educating about the  farcical comedies of both the Holocaust and delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol to never allowing the world to forget.

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