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A Medium Everyday / Средний Каждый день

05232014 Water Color, Ink and Tzar Jay.  “Pronounced Czar Yay”                          Seriously.

I began a project dialing random telephone numbers beginning with area code 512. I asked whomever answered the phone to describe either their best anecdote, a life-changing decision, a childhood memory or simply speak to me about what they were doing at the time. …one might have been a Russian code writer.




Tzar explained to me, “The best music, is written with buttons.”



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yadyrevE muideM A

05222014  Overexposed negative for SCIENCE!


First, understand, photography is capturing light reflected from subjects and things.


Second, yes, you understand photography is capturing light bouncing off shit like “pew…pew”.

(Film is sensitive, if you show it too much light, or not enough, it cries.)


Lets add physics to the scenario…


I captured this image in a decelerating vehicle, photographing  1/10th 0f a second.








Light goes pew!  You can see how more reflected light is captured in the detail of the electric pole as the automobile slows down.

Scientifically, a longer exposure of film with a nonmoving subject in a decelerating vehicle will produce  smear, however science licks the demonstrative heels.





EAT SOMETHING. and remind.






A Medium Everyday

05202014  My new phone.  Sara surprised me with, a great first video for a device that works with my computer.  Debbie Gibson Haynes and Kevin aka Oliver Twist, Fresh Kid Ice, Marquis Your Brotha.


No, you haven’t seen the “Magician”, the “Flowered”,  or “The Bunion”, because the “Oliver Twist” is the lie down, don’t mess and decide move.  This video demonstrates Kevin’s tactical maneuver he named after himself.

Beware & Admire.


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A Medium Everyday

051914    De La Rosa Pena Nalgas with different types of paints and adhesives.


blood 3


I don’t roll like Klimt.


A Medium Everyday

05172014   Long Day, CanonSX150is, pork, foil, styrofoam plate with Crystal and Gary.



I’m not Mexican ?


Today was shit, but I caught hold of that shitneck and had a wonderful evening.


The following was my fortune cookie…


”  One must know, appraise hints to acquire fresh, deep fried pork.

and cheer from a new BHS video.  2 X 1 .    ”



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A Medium Everyday

05162014   16″ x 20″  Declined Photo Canvas, Oil Paint, Water Color and Acrylic Paint with a touch of Mod Podge to make the blood glisten.




A Medium Everyday

05132014   Elisabet Ney Museum, Canon A2E, Canon 50mm 1.4 and Kodak 160nc; with a Breau-Vanderzee.


I look at this photo and speak to myself, “Richard, you are a great mutha fuck’n Photographer!”.

I’m enjoying scanning the old negatives.



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A Medium Everyday

04292014   Canon PowerShot SX150 IS


I was picking up some Alprazolam for Cadbury and apparently some old people found a hole in the fence and devoured the city.


“What do you expect from life?”


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A Medium Everyday

04282014   Water Color, Paint Brush, Water and Rubber Cement for the glisten



A Medium Everyday

04262014   Mamiya 645, Fuji NPH, 80. mm F1.8, and my backyard focusing 12 inches beyond the lens.


I created a visual for countless Memes.






Example Given





Try your best!



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