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Do you make pretend? …at work?

“Do you make pretend?”.

“Yes, Feel Free.  Nothing is true, Everything is permitted.”


High Five for Ice Cream.

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Father’s Day

Ever since he grew that dang mustache, that kid stopped caring.

“He can not even” Dad and his walking stick.

Yes, I eavesdropped and it was his Dad. Youngest of eight!

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A Medium Everyday

04272014   Epson Scanner, Rose from Garden and Fancy Photoshop Presets. PRESENT!


Sexualized Inanimate Colors.


 Yonic Style … Because we touch those lips from within all our albums.





enjoy the ultra-sounds


Lymph Node’s Concentrated White Blood Cell Sidedeways Sauce

Honestly, one of the best I’ve had for flavor and controlled heat. PLUS, you can customize the label…watch for Lymph Node’s Concentrated  White Blood Cell Sidedeways Sauce.  Delicious for the timid and disturbing to the mild.


:This sauce is prescribedly delicious.”


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Someone wants to come home and snack on my carrots with French onion dip. (parenthesis mean everything)

Sorry, Helen Keller once was a Socialist (“goodtime” party) but grew (flowered) into a co-founder of the AARP/NAACP (ACLU).

Everyday is Helen Keller Day (enjoy yourself).

Hell Yeah (entitled…we are)!

sara wants my carrots

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Soft Serve Baby Head


.                                                                                                       They should’ve left a helmet on it.

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“The Oxford English Dictionary accepts both pronunciations,” Mr. Wilhite said. “They are wrong. It is a soft ‘G,’ pronounced ‘jif.’ End of story.”



…it’s just an intervention.

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The idea to feel free and Overtnink

“The maximum capacity of a normal rectum–meaning, before the patient is overcome by the urge to defecate–is about 350 to 500 mL, or about a pint in volume.  That’s a lot; the first urge to defecate comes at about 100 mL, so if you’re storing five times that amount, you’re probably pretty uncomfortable.  But repeated stretching of the rectum can increase that size markedly.  “We do know that it’s not rare for people to have larger capacities,” says Dr. Hamilton. “We have certainly tested people for whom it’s 800 mL…

…Try eating a turnip…….With practice the capacity becomes larger.”

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