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Bob Crane and The Dead Milkmen


That’s how I was introduced to Bob Crane, a short mention of his name in a Punk Rock song. Mr. Crane is celebrated as one of the first things/person I “searched” for on the internet when dial-up online searches became available. As a photographer and always creeped out by Richard Dawson on FAMILY FUED, the mystery and intrigue of Bob and his death thrilled. What happened!

Don’t fall asleep jealous, stay up and watch Auto Focus (A biography about a photographer who appeared in a sitcom about the Holocaust) with me. Hey, Willem Dafoe is creepy!

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A Medium Everyday

05252014  Phone, Computer, Internet and French Bulldogs


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A Medium Every Day

05182014  “You wann’ see a dead body?”


I just photograph, because I don’t want to wake them up.  My spare time is, is…is.







thank you                                                                                                tha nk you.

A Medium Everyday

05102014    More Old Film I Got Developed.


I love taking pictures of couples ,parties, weddings and toddlers, but I’m probably not the photographer for you.













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A Medium Everyday

05012014   120mm Kodak Ektachrome 160t EPT and a Mamiya 645


The resilience of film really amazes me.  My film was never left for dead in a harsh climate, adversely, it was never refridgerated.


It’s a suspicious cat guarding a hooded and obtuse smelling creeper van.  Mmmmmm, smarmy.


Here’s a bonus…this scene freaked me out as a kid, and my Birthday is in 28 days.

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A Medium Everyday

04292014   Canon PowerShot SX150 IS


I was picking up some Alprazolam for Cadbury and apparently some old people found a hole in the fence and devoured the city.


“What do you expect from life?”


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A Medium Everyday

04262014   Mamiya 645, Fuji NPH, 80. mm F1.8, and my backyard focusing 12 inches beyond the lens.


I created a visual for countless Memes.






Example Given





Try your best!



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A Medium Everyday

04252014   Eos 3, 50mm f1.4, Fuji Reala…developed six years after exposed.


This sweat sock was behind the gas station close to W. 38th and Guadeloupe.





(Hey you amateurs, always carry a camera.)

A Medium Everyday

03092014   Canon EOS3, 50mm 1.8, LensBaby, and Expired Kodak Gold 200






I rarely drive on the highways and always find little monuments to faith, love, good times and music.  I recently developed this roll of delicately crunchy film.  It’s how we do it, just like the olden days of 7 years ago.  I really didn’t think technology was going to consume film as fast as it did.



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A Medium Everyday

03032014   T-Max 3200 pushed to 6400, developed 6 years after exposed



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