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A Medium Everyday

05172014   Long Day, CanonSX150is, pork, foil, styrofoam plate with Crystal and Gary.



I’m not Mexican ?


Today was shit, but I caught hold of that shitneck and had a wonderful evening.


The following was my fortune cookie…


”  One must know, appraise hints to acquire fresh, deep fried pork.

and cheer from a new BHS video.  2 X 1 .    ”



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Stress weak(sic) in the brain this we e/a….

I’m gonna make a “save the date” invitation that reads.



Stress weak(sic) in the brain this we e/a….

Condense and increase.

Scattering wildly

Difficult milk with “Makin’ Sausage Pony Rides”




here’s the accompanying video.


.                                                                              I remember Monica Cook      <–CLICH

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Click below to…

learn about how to be FUNEST, it’s  similar to a German’s  GIFT.                                                                                                             



Pimpin’ Paul Benedict

Paul Benedict

If you don’t have the time:

If you have the time, a really, really great episode of Kojak, you’ll wonder where all the went to where and why.. There is pimpin’ all the way through, but at 27:35 the platinum begins. :

I’m going to stop watching foreign films for a week.

All from one film W.R. – Misterije organizma

William Burroughs and Brion Gysin must have loved this, all of the following scenes are from one unexplainable film. (if you watch the mis -translateled film.) .

Safe for work

Safe for work

Safe for work

safe for worlblfeded/work

This one isn’t safe for work. Unless you’re workn’ it.

Safe for work.

Watch the film if you wish, you have evidence and choice.

The Orgone Accumulator awaits.

News of the week: Obese man sat in one chair for 2 years, (literally) is now dead.

At least we now know it takes TWO years.  Be sure to watch the news reports, it seem a little more disturbing.  Only the first “news story” is on YouTube, but the follow up is on the second page of the article.   Ohio got distracted for a little while.