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Do you make pretend? …at work?

“Do you make pretend?”.

“Yes, Feel Free.  Nothing is true, Everything is permitted.”


High Five for Ice Cream.

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World Of Glory / Roy Andersson


Please don’t hurt yourself, but watch something that really makes you question why you should.

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A Medium Everyday

05282014   National Enquirer  May 26, 2014 and the back cover.


This IS the Menthol cigarette demographic!

I would have just posted the scanned cover.

However, without enhancements it’s plagiarism, or possibley worse, impersonal.  I drew inspiration from the mullet shirt and golf ball eyes….Is it him or the carbon monoxide that makes her endure the afternoon golf outing.

“Where’s my lighter?”


meat tube 1

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A Medium Everyday / Средний Каждый день

05232014 Water Color, Ink and Tzar Jay.  “Pronounced Czar Yay”                          Seriously.

I began a project dialing random telephone numbers beginning with area code 512. I asked whomever answered the phone to describe either their best anecdote, a life-changing decision, a childhood memory or simply speak to me about what they were doing at the time. …one might have been a Russian code writer.




Tzar explained to me, “The best music, is written with buttons.”



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A Medium Everyday

05212014   Vandalism


I don’t really view this whole process as vandalism, but making art in every situation…no matter how sophmoric.  Every work day I’m forced to to take breaks by this dumpster, I’m gonna update the decor.



A Medium Every Day

05182014  “You wann’ see a dead body?”


I just photograph, because I don’t want to wake them up.  My spare time is, is…is.







thank you                                                                                                tha nk you.

A Medium Everyday

05172014   Long Day, CanonSX150is, pork, foil, styrofoam plate with Crystal and Gary.



I’m not Mexican ?


Today was shit, but I caught hold of that shitneck and had a wonderful evening.


The following was my fortune cookie…


”  One must know, appraise hints to acquire fresh, deep fried pork.

and cheer from a new BHS video.  2 X 1 .    ”



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A Medium Everyday

03042014   Nikon D300/Google Image Search



I guess this one needs a short explanation… I photograph people at a “fast food” studio for a side job.  One customer brings in an adorable child to take advantage of every free special we offer (and only getting the free items), irritating every hard working photographer at the studio.  Photographers can keep a job if they sustain a sales average, and this doesn’t help.  Soooo, cheers!  I was in rotation to photograph and took a hit for the team.  I didn’t want to make it too realistic because it was made with sarcasm.  I saw her pose and knew precisely what it needled (sic).  This image is a parody with sports timing and poor photoshop fun.

Happy Mother’s Day!


You know how people find the quintessential video they continually like to post during popular holidays; something special very few have seen?




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