medium Er’Day

04242014 Nikon D300


A group of young entrepreneurs couldn’t afford the cost of photographs.


The names have been changed to protect the innocent…







“The Rythym and blue”





“Cuz he mess the tracks up”





“brail too simple”





“Slips it in”





“Hungry, Aztec Style”




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3 thoughts on “medium Er’Day

  1. Justin says:

    That shit is like, “say you got five dollars. and then you parlay that shit into like…$300. then you buy some dumb shit, but you still got like…a lot. then, you find $20 just lying on the ground. yeah, that what this shit like.”

  2. Justin says:

    I just want they collector cups to come out at the Burger King. I be waiting up in that line like that time Pokemon came out.

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