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A Medium Everyday

04292014   Canon PowerShot SX150 IS


I was picking up some Alprazolam for Cadbury and apparently some old people found a hole in the fence and devoured the city.


“What do you expect from life?”


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A Medium Everyday

04282014   Water Color, Paint Brush, Water and Rubber Cement for the glisten



A Medium Everyday

04272014   Epson Scanner, Rose from Garden and Fancy Photoshop Presets. PRESENT!


Sexualized Inanimate Colors.


 Yonic Style … Because we touch those lips from within all our albums.





enjoy the ultra-sounds


A Medium Everyday

04262014   Mamiya 645, Fuji NPH, 80. mm F1.8, and my backyard focusing 12 inches beyond the lens.


I created a visual for countless Memes.






Example Given





Try your best!



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A Medium Everyday

04252014   Eos 3, 50mm f1.4, Fuji Reala…developed six years after exposed.


This sweat sock was behind the gas station close to W. 38th and Guadeloupe.





(Hey you amateurs, always carry a camera.)

medium Er’Day

04242014 Nikon D300


A group of young entrepreneurs couldn’t afford the cost of photographs.


The names have been changed to protect the innocent…







“The Rythym and blue”





“Cuz he mess the tracks up”





“brail too simple”





“Slips it in”





“Hungry, Aztec Style”




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A Medium Everyday

04232914   Canon EOS3, TMAX 100 and and a 50mm 1.4 with Eileen


This is the state of Nebraska,




“look to the left, then look to the right..look at the background and the the(sic) foreground.”




“If you’re not doing that with everything you see, you’re not doing it in every sense of the word…”










A Medium Everyday

04222014   Watercolor, Ink, 1979 Reader’s Digest Wide World Atlas and Rubber Rubber Cement: with Anna


I began a project dialing random telephone numbers beginning with area code 512. I asked whomever answered the phone to describe either their best anecdote, a life-changing decision, a childhood memory or simply speak to me about what they were doing at the time. …


She said.


“A year and a half later I find out Mexico is far from Detroit, much further than visiting him in Sterling Heights and we were in Warren.  We moved to Austin.         Austin.”




When Anna was five, her parent took her to Mexico every few weeks,

Anna simply described the visit as him a ” a languid, yeasty man in colorful pans”.  I spoke to her for two hours.

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A Medium Everyday…still.

054212014  Depressed head and circuit bending. Sexualized Inanimate Object.


Have you ev”er wondered what lies beneath the cotton fabric and stuffing of America’s favorite animatronic Chritmas(sic) decoration?

“Fuck it too, cuz what?  Ohh….Santa is a Dildo”.



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A Medium Everyday

04202014  This is some Lymph Node Squad cinematic sound. Our sound is completely built for headphones, so, enjoy it that way if possible.