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Someone wants to come home and snack on my carrots with French onion dip. (parenthesis mean everything)

Sorry, Helen Keller once was a Socialist (“goodtime” party) but grew (flowered) into a co-founder of the AARP/NAACP (ACLU).

Everyday is Helen Keller Day (enjoy yourself).

Hell Yeah (entitled…we are)!

sara wants my carrots

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Internettin’ on the phone

works better than the home right now.

A Fevered Explanation

A fine point explaining exactly why I picked up a guitar, paintbrush, pen and camera.

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(nshns, nsh-ns, nsh-, ns-ns, ns-)

or nescient, although, that might have sounded crazier.  Ignorance of anything is a difficult label.

I wish they would just say they were agnostic, that makes more sense to me describing, um…

…that was the too late answer for a long thought.

butt slaps




Don’t be confused, and don’t.

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Always Record

My Kevin is the Prince Of Knines,

You watch too much of my boi you might get hurt.





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Everyone’s got to be wrong sometime.

Jan Švankmajer

just might be “cry’n and wonder’n”.  because people be learn’n.’  because the first two videos aren’t his.

As someone’s child, I rarely enjoyed cartoons because under-worked backgrounds repeated to create a sense of movement, that lazy-asss  pattern frustrated me….and anyways, women’s aerobics was much more intriguing to watch.  Watch, enjoy work.

Downhill from here.

I can never take myself seriously.

What pattern?

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