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White on White

A few days ago, I had to explain how important shadows are in an image, even on a black background.


“Sorry Mrs. Thorpe…otherwise you can’t see shit.”


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Dirty Math

Welcome to North Coast!

If each note in that song was replaced by a piano’s hammer massaging a chord and slowed down 1000%, you could hear the hammer  bouncing from the string several times. The key may only be pressed one time for each note, however, (like Rhianna) it is struck several times.  Something you would never notice at full speed.

It would be beautiful.

I was wrong, I was thinking of it in a different way, if it was 1000% it would go in reverse. The song is ten times slower, but that’s because it’s 1/10 it’s normal speed, so it would be 10% slower…technically.

But wait, if a song is 100 measures, and normally 1 measure lasts 15 seconds, then the rate is 1meas/15sec. This can as well be expressed as its inverse, 15sec/1meas. Therefore, multiply by 1000 and get 15000sec/1meas. We then have a song 1500000sec long. 1500000sec * 1min/60sec = 25,000 min….

Yeah I don’t know.

creepy still

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“The Oxford English Dictionary accepts both pronunciations,” Mr. Wilhite said. “They are wrong. It is a soft ‘G,’ pronounced ‘jif.’ End of story.”



…it’s just an intervention.

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Happy Mother’s Day!


You know how people find the quintessential video they continually like to post during popular holidays; something special very few have seen?




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United States, where even birds have Class.

The once elusive, and apparently still majestic American Bald Eagle still loves a dead snack from the bed of a Nissan truck.

It’s natural, I’ve seen pigeons tearing fried chicken meat from a bone on a Whole Foods Market patio…maybe we should blame it on Canadia(sic) since they are closer to Alaska than we are.


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Scxhildgen won’t Kill himself

,    and you shouldn’t try to kill him or yourself either.




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Don’t laugh,

Do you remember that time when she spells, like twice before at you?

It strikes like  “Corporate Reaction” resisting lacklustre performance.

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