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Run-On Sentence or Possibley a Fragment

We were caught midshot with the insistent whining of Oliva. Witnesses repeated her words in unison as if it was an obscure passage of the bible they had to memorize at a particular Catholic school with a particular religious professor who taught all of the students this compulsive little piece of propaganda.


Ahem… Mr. Fred made off, with the “saving face” face.

hookerswho fart






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Hey folks, I just remembered laws were made to punish people for doing bad things, not for telling people not to do bad things.


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The idea to feel free and Overtnink

“The maximum capacity of a normal rectum–meaning, before the patient is overcome by the urge to defecate–is about 350 to 500 mL, or about a pint in volume.  That’s a lot; the first urge to defecate comes at about 100 mL, so if you’re storing five times that amount, you’re probably pretty uncomfortable.  But repeated stretching of the rectum can increase that size markedly.  “We do know that it’s not rare for people to have larger capacities,” says Dr. Hamilton. “We have certainly tested people for whom it’s 800 mL…

…Try eating a turnip…….With practice the capacity becomes larger.”

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if you’re a weird shit that does weird shit during the day, this following message is for you:

North American Greek (sorority) girl on a computer versus Germans in an English wine bar.    NSFW


Continuing to build character.




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Improvised Details

“…How may an image affect you subliminally, without disguise?……because, as an artist, it’s all about that  too.”

–  Scxhildgen

Henri Cartier-Bresson


photo: Vin

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