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Let this film kick your ass


Hey, they bust out with a flash mob accordion crew covering R.L. Burnside!


P.S.    Sorry David Cronnenberg, for a another film in which a man rides in a limousine most of the film, Holy Motors  is top-of-the-book-shelf shit.



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Now that Instagram can begin selling my images to 3rd parties for advertising…. It begins!


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Dear Retailers,


                                                                                                              I fucking love this song.

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I like this because…

…when you repeat a word, statement or spelling in repetition, it creates a fantastic phenomenon in my brain.


pass the butter



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What Tom Waits said

Songs carry emotional information and some transport us back to a poignant time, place or event in our lives. It’s no wonder a corporation would want to hitch a ride on the spell these songs cast and encourage you to buy soft drinks, underwear or automobiles while you’re in the trance. Artists who take money or ads poison and pervert their songs. It reduces them to the level of a jingle, a word that describes the sound of change in your pocket, which is what your songs become. Remember, when you sell your songs for commercials, you are selling your audience as well.

When I was a kid, if I saw an artist I admired doing a commercial, I’d think, “Too bad, he must really need the money.” But now it’s so pervasive. It’s a virus. Artists are lining up to do ads. The money and exposure are too tantalizing for most artists to decline. Corporations are hoping to hijack a culture’s memories for their product. They want an artist’s audience, credibility, good will and all the energy the songs have gathered as well as given over the years. They suck the life and meaning from the songs and impregnate them with promises of a better life with their product.

Eventually, artists will be going onstage like race-car drivers covered in hundreds of logos. John, stay pure. Your credibility, your integrity and your honor are things no company should be able to buy.


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Staring Seizures

charlie-wilson-throw-it-all-away-mustache on the bottum lip

Wherever  you are photographed,  imagine staring into the eyes of your future self, examining the image.
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