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Self Improvement/Simply The Best

Wondering how to increase your vocabulary?  Want to gain friendship within specific crowds?  Do you really need to be that “go to person”?  Hey, is it election year?

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   I decided to write a poem with a title, and of course, with each word spelled correctly and the proverbial “[sic]” following its presumptuous explanation and indignant author history.   37 might be a cucumberous lurking creaturesque outrage to further understanding or grievance.

A___ough e_ou_ue__ _o_e___ … Yeah, not enough.

extraneous consonants [sic] -or- How Else do you Decorate a Forehead?

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Possibley the dumbest, fucking shit I’ll ever not use enough expletives for.

I hate this person even more because it’s a Goddamn self-portrait…. the disgust my body can’t shit out in one image.


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Without fail, my manager, the district manger always uses a phrase on our conference calls every Monday and Friday.  I had a pretty good idea what it meant, but when I got the same phrase in an email sent to all stores, I knew exactly what she meant.


“Work smarter, not harter.”


Hey, it rhymes.

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