Q & A with Richard*

*or addressing statements sent to Richard.

Q:   As a reader or someone who just looks at your posts, being a friend of yours in real life seems unimportant.

A:   Seemingly at play in the forest, as a friend, we might linger, begin noticing, measuring time and behaving irrational within a very strict and robotic schedule.   Somehow.  Afterwards, we’ll watch and stare at people to such an uncomfortable degree it worries them, forcing them into apathetic behaviour in order to cope with everyday life.

Q:   You always got these funny picts got any Dice Man- Andy Dice Clay?

A:  No, here’s one of Steven Seagal.

Q:   You hear any good quotes lately?

A:  No, but I can offer an illustration to this one. ”A creature in captivity is often driven to pointless, repetitive behaviour.”

Q:   What kind of name is Scxhildgen?

A:   German, definitely not Mennonite

Any other questions will be answered in a timely matter, because I don’t get very many.

Enjoy this song….


2 thoughts on “Q & A with Richard*

  1. Justin says:

    With zero degrees of certainty, will it?

    What is your strongitude?

    If I ever wander…will you seek my fortune?

    I got this ache…

  2. Skeggjold says:

    German, definitely not Mennonite: Too funny thank you for this find

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