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622 the best day even though…

Lee Sweat’s eloquence drips all over with magical effervescence.  I’m happy I’ve never heard you say “thee”.



Happy Birthday, and sadly your dumbass inspires me.



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Scxhildgen + Computers = Furious Anger

Computer, I’m happy you killed yourself.

I’m happy you found everything I saved onto you so completely fulfiling you decided to erase yourself back to factory standards. I’m happy I hate you as much as you fucking hate yourself.

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I love you / ratiocinate

In English the verb goes in the middle of a sentence (I love you), while some languages relegate it to the end (I you love). This may sound preposterous to those not familiar with such a language (German, Hindi, Japanese, among others), but it’s quite common.

In fact, the largest percentage of languages prefer the verb at the end (45%), followed by the middle placement (43%). The remaining 12% of the languages stick the verb out front (Fijian, Irish, etc.).

Like much in a language, there is no particular reason behind these varied placements. A front placement for a verb doesn’t imply that speakers of that language give more importance to the action compared to those who put it at the end. Sometimes things just are.



(rash-ee-OS-uh-nayt, rat-ee-)


verb intr.: To reason, especially in a methodical manner.


From Latin ratiocinari (to reckon), from ratio (reason, calculation). Ultimately from the Indo-European root ar- (to fit together), which also gave us army, harmony, article, order, read, adorn, arithmetic, and rhyme. Earliest documented use: 1643.

The best I could do in 5 minutes without taking a screen shot.

Walter Krajewski added a new photo.

Congratulations to Kristyn – on her 8th grade graduation! We are so proud of you and we love you! — with Krysten Krajewski.

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Q & A with Richard*

*or addressing statements sent to Richard.

Q:   As a reader or someone who just looks at your posts, being a friend of yours in real life seems unimportant.

A:   Seemingly at play in the forest, as a friend, we might linger, begin noticing, measuring time and behaving irrational within a very strict and robotic schedule.   Somehow.  Afterwards, we’ll watch and stare at people to such an uncomfortable degree it worries them, forcing them into apathetic behaviour in order to cope with everyday life.

Q:   You always got these funny picts got any Dice Man- Andy Dice Clay?

A:  No, here’s one of Steven Seagal.

Q:   You hear any good quotes lately?

A:  No, but I can offer an illustration to this one. ”A creature in captivity is often driven to pointless, repetitive behaviour.”

Q:   What kind of name is Scxhildgen?

A:   German, definitely not Mennonite

Any other questions will be answered in a timely matter, because I don’t get very many.

Enjoy this song….


Dawson’s Creek

1.  Richard Dawson is dead.

2.  Richard Dawson said he kissed over 20,000 women on Family Feud.

3.  Richard Dawson was close friends of Bob Crane.

4.  Bob Crane filmed and starred in kinky homemade sex videos.

5.  A piece of Bob Crane’s brain tissue was found in a rental car.