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Buy ME presents!

This is the Lymph Node Squad my birthday and shouts out to uh, myseeeeeeeelf (and J-Vo).

So you want to know what the English are saying about it?

“Ok so i listened to it a couple of times and got a friend to listen too, she said it reminds her of a bad trip she had once at a festival where she was paranoid that someone was going to rape her ass. My personal opinion of this track is that it sounds like an underground torture club filled with sinister characters performing sexual deviance…some of the voices sound like they’re sending subliminal messages. It has a dirty feel to it but i like its edge, like the buzz you get from something you shouldn’t be doing.”

So, buy me presents……I know you love …………Gravy.

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Wait, this movie can’t lose.  Look at the poster, the trailer(nsfw) and the fucking cast!

Malcolm McDowell, Marlee Matlin,  Traci Lords, John Waters and my boy Ray Wise!

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Lymph Node Squad

We have a new video from an old song…

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Einstürzende Neubauten

The front-man Blixa Bargeld of Einstürzende Neubauten (one of my most favorite music bands) makes black risotto and slices calamari with a ceramic knife.

Mmmm, now to indulge myself…music to eat to die Reichen, schwarze feinere Wahlen im Leben.

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She said…

She said, “Richard, you’re so good looking you make my glass of water wet on the outside, I’d like to pay you $8.00 an hour to stop by between 12-30 hours per week.”

Sears Portrait Studio, here I cum.

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Waffle House

I love the Waffle House, I’m an advocate for everything Waffle House, but,

I some some shit today that…


who the fuck is that bitch?

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Rest In Business

Everyone has been talking about Beastie Boy McAdam and his incredulous lymph nodes while abandoning memories of Avery Canahuati.  Never Forget.

Rest In Business :Bucket List Baby

So, Bucket List Baby or Adam?

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The Danes are NSFW

Austin, Texas’ own Drafthouse Films (becoming one of my favorite film distributors in the world) has a red-band trailer for Klown, a new comedy they’re releasing from Denmark.   Unfortunately, the American version of Klown is already set to be fucked over in English by Todd Phillips and  Danny McBride.  Uh-ehm, Todd Phillips and  Danny McBride,  so let us enjoy what we have now.

Remember, this is a Red Band Danish trailer, not just some naughty curse words here.  Not Safe For Work!

If that’s not enough, Lars Von Trier’s next project is called Nymphomaniac, it will chronicle the sexual/erotic life of a woman until the age of 50. [Producer Peter] Jensen confirms previous reports that both softcore and hardcore versions of the movie will be made,  and adds that the first part will deal with childhood and adolescence, while part two will focus on adulthood.

No trailer for Nymphomaniac yet, but here is von Trier’s The Idiots.


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