Welcome to Texas.

Within arms length is your illustrated map of the biggest state next to Mexico. It’s ongoing mission and creation was built to inform non-Texans and Texans that don’t travel about the states region’s and/or city’s inhabitants.

This is where to find the people you will forever share effervescent love and companionship.


If you’re five-foot-six and you find yourself at a daytime rave dressed as James Spader with mascara running down your face, it may finally be time to stop listening to your unconditionally supportive friends and family and seriously consider taking your own life.


  LOLZ, a lot of LOLZ.


It’s really terrible how in Haiti these people are still living in the street without toilets.


Most would puke less if this photo was taken at the annual AVN Adult Movie Convention circa 1997 in Nevada. Unfortunately, it was last week in downtown Waco.

San Antonio

This shit is gay.



  While a greater amount of us have dedicated  brainspace to juggling a religion’s worth of ethical dietary restrictions, an entire segment of our population still struggles with “Try not to eat an entire bowl of mayonnaise.”


This is the type of house you’ll find in Laredo.  Filled with cigarette butts, smells like burger and has a black-and-white TV.  It smells like burger.

El Paso 

There’s aint no atheists in a foxhole and not a whole lot of radical feminists in a heatwave.


Lung herpes.

Bryan/College Station

…Bryan/College Station, largest alcohol consumption per capita.


Where how proud you are about where you’re from is inversely proportionate to how proud where you’re from is about you.

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