Last night all I could think about was paella…

…well I didn’t encounter anything  like that in a box with a flavour packet, so I began watching a surrealist film about the Spanish Civil War.

Here is a small yet sharp taste of the motion picture.  NSFW

I strongly recommend Fernando Arrabal’s  Viva Le Muerte for its desolate, cerebral beauty and (not and or because, but reason enough) Arrabal’s association with Alejandro Jodor0wsky and the *Panic Movementof the 1960s.  I provided the links for everyone to read as to avoid copyright infringement on my behalf…and I’m lazy.

After watching Viva Le Muerte I began to think about how a country’s national dish may be represented by the films they export.  After a couple minutes of investigation and three movies later….

-Germany 1998-

NSFW (this one WILL get you fired)

-United States of America 1975-


This will get you started…

-New Zealand 2010-


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