Just like the song.

At first, I thought to myself, “Why is the most fertile albino family according to Guinness World Records appear inappropriately sinister, fallacious and downhearted?”  Then I placed silly discrimination aside and… “duh”, the weather is sweltering, sun is bright and Punjab just walked behind the cameraman displaying an obscene hand gesture.

As I continued reading, I kept thinking  “Damn I need to send these pasty mutha fuckas a napkin, these photographs genuinely reflect how reluctant, morose and macabre it is to be an albino family living in Delhi and whereby one American dollar a month will provide Rosetauri and his wife Mani adequate scratch in support of disputing prejudices and resources for necessary virility ointments…and come to find out, gerbils really DO eat their young.”

Nah, fuck that.  I chose the worst images to display,   I was attempting to provoke you along with the biased timing and amateur posing techniques of Tanzeel Ur Rehman/Shariq Allaqa aka ‘Got Some Blow Got Some Rock/Tryin to Find Some Shit Mutha Fuckas’.    Please use discretion when appointing a photographer to copyright your globally publicized photos.  You’ve never seen a bad picture of Stevie Wonder!   Thank you.

For real, the family is alright, despite their condition, the Pullan clan will pop out more pearl colored babies from God™ and are looking forward (except for Deepa, the one wearing orange, tell that bitch to lighten up, you just made it to Indian masturbation material) to global recognition as the world’s  biggest albino family.

Read the true article and see why – Lola, UK, 07/3/2012 15:44- replied…

“I love how they think being called English is an insult…Thanks lol”

I’d like to congratulate and dedicate this song to loving Mani for putting out and up with her loyal husband Rosetauri.

अच्छे दुर-दुर


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