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Soul Crushing Inspiration

……………………………………Thanks MOM…………………………………….

-I get a kick out of it every time they play that song.-

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Artist Statement:

       My work explores the relationship between emerging sexualities and vegetarian ethics, between new class identities and copycat violence.  

       With influences as diverse as Kierkegaard and Francis Bacon, Wittgenstein and Buckminster Fuller new tensions are manufactured from both opaque and transparent discourse.  

       What starts out as triumph soon becomes debased into a tragedy of temptation, leaving only a sense of decadence, nihilism and the possibility of the new undefined.

    As temporal replicas become clarified  into a cacophony of  wavering derivatives, undefined through frantic spatial forms and transformed through diligent yet critical practice, the viewer is left with  the inaccuracies of our condition.

…………………………………………………………………………………..Bullshit (mostly).

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Last night all I could think about was paella…

…well I didn’t encounter anything  like that in a box with a flavour packet, so I began watching a surrealist film about the Spanish Civil War.

Here is a small yet sharp taste of the motion picture.  NSFW

I strongly recommend Fernando Arrabal’s  Viva Le Muerte for its desolate, cerebral beauty and (not and or because, but reason enough) Arrabal’s association with Alejandro Jodor0wsky and the *Panic Movementof the 1960s.  I provided the links for everyone to read as to avoid copyright infringement on my behalf…and I’m lazy.

After watching Viva Le Muerte I began to think about how a country’s national dish may be represented by the films they export.  After a couple minutes of investigation and three movies later….

-Germany 1998-

NSFW (this one WILL get you fired)

-United States of America 1975-


This will get you started…

-New Zealand 2010-


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Just like the song.

At first, I thought to myself, “Why is the most fertile albino family according to Guinness World Records appear inappropriately sinister, fallacious and downhearted?”  Then I placed silly discrimination aside and… “duh”, the weather is sweltering, sun is bright and Punjab just walked behind the cameraman displaying an obscene hand gesture.

As I continued reading, I kept thinking  “Damn I need to send these pasty mutha fuckas a napkin, these photographs genuinely reflect how reluctant, morose and macabre it is to be an albino family living in Delhi and whereby one American dollar a month will provide Rosetauri and his wife Mani adequate scratch in support of disputing prejudices and resources for necessary virility ointments…and come to find out, gerbils really DO eat their young.”

Nah, fuck that.  I chose the worst images to display,   I was attempting to provoke you along with the biased timing and amateur posing techniques of Tanzeel Ur Rehman/Shariq Allaqa aka ‘Got Some Blow Got Some Rock/Tryin to Find Some Shit Mutha Fuckas’.    Please use discretion when appointing a photographer to copyright your globally publicized photos.  You’ve never seen a bad picture of Stevie Wonder!   Thank you.

For real, the family is alright, despite their condition, the Pullan clan will pop out more pearl colored babies from God™ and are looking forward (except for Deepa, the one wearing orange, tell that bitch to lighten up, you just made it to Indian masturbation material) to global recognition as the world’s  biggest albino family.

Read the true article and see why – Lola, UK, 07/3/2012 15:44- replied…

“I love how they think being called English is an insult…Thanks lol”

I’d like to congratulate and dedicate this song to loving Mani for putting out and up with her loyal husband Rosetauri.

अच्छे दुर-दुर

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Black Hole

A few weeks ago, while troweling the Internet, I found an image.  An awe-inspiring portrait that provoked pause, overwhelming nervousness and chortling.  Because of my staunch reactions, I also saved it and placed it in a birthday video for J.N. Voorhees.  Although I’m tickled with my editing techniques with birthday videos, this post is not an advertisement for them…

Coincidentally, two nights ago I found a similarly striking photograph.  Below the image, a link included the purpose, theory and origin which happened to be fantasies of pubescent imprisonment through folds of carnal stimulation.  Features analogous to these are instrumental replicas of my dreams concurrently awakening alongside withdrawals with delirium tremons.

Apparently, my basic lack of interest regarding muscle men in skintight costumes has caused a 12 year rift  between comic books and I.  However, my absolute interest in photography and drawing exposed a collaborative series of high school yearbook photographs combining the efforts of photographer Max Oppenheim and prosthetic artist Bill Turpin introducing a series of portraits as tribute to creator Charles Burns and the characters in his graphic novel titled Black Hole.

Not to give away too much, this disturbingly erotic celebration within Black Hole takes place during the mid-1970s in the suburbs of Seattle.  The story follows a group of primarily middle class teenagers who, over the summer, contract a peculiar sexually transmitted disease, which causes them to develop bizarre physical mutations.  Although the characters are described as social outcasts, the portraits I encountered especially the human models influenced by the drawings appear confident revealing their deformities.  Charles Burns’ portrayal of his protagonist’s glowing aura of a strong sexually lifestyle (even in inky chiaroscuro*) is excessively apparent.

The following are a few windows from the Black Hole series.  The artwork from within seduces the eyes captivating ones hypothalamus with style, detail and morbid cleanliness.  Wow, that’s a lot of university art-school crap, nevertheless it is quite nice to look at.

Ineffectively, big names have been associated with the film-screen adaptation, production and direction such as Neil Gaimen, Roger Avary, David Fincher and Paramount Pictures.  However only one true contribution has come to fruition.

Rupert Sanders created an 11 minute live action short based on a segment and characters from the graphic novel which absolutely must be seen.  Delightedly, youtube banned the video for nudity, drug use and sexual content (yep, all that in 671 seconds) and appreciatively may be considered **HERE**.  You’ll be entranced once again…I promise!

Thanks to IMDB and Wikipedia, because I absolutely didn’t download the Torrent to study and delight in the book, not me, never!



*I’m inviting a select number of lucky females to give birth to my son and name him Chiaroscuro.

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El Disco Anal

Two hours in Tejas? (don’t worry, it’s safe for work, even in el mercado.)

Mexican Woman:  Do you speaka Spaneesh?

Richard Scxhildgen:  Uhh, no?

Mexican Woman:  Ohh, you looka Mezicaan.

Richard Scxhildgen:  No, uh, un poco…..

(Senior Richie Scxhildgen presiona el botón de juego.)

Richard Scxhildgen: Hasta Nalgas?

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