From Kodak’s first duo-color Kodachrome film tests in 1922 to the VHS-C magnetic videotape recorders of the mid 90s used in Bob Log III’s video for “Boob Scotch”.  Advances in the realm of image recording have made both subtle and drastic changes in subject, context and discourse.  However, pigments and undertones still maintain supple, rich and licentiousness emotions.  Wavelengths and gradients of light like an opiate high dilate dust, saturate and bloom which flows, imitating eastern winds and exploding like corpuscles.   Opalescent wisps curl and kink contrasting wormed fruit in a landscape of darkness.

Both examples display immeasurable grace, class and beauty as only I may compare and contrast. It’s like people gluing macaroni on to a paper plate and painting it gold.

Fuck that superfluous shit, this is simply four minutes of pretty and historically significant footage and then some tittays,  liquor and rock-n-roll.

The Boob Scotch video is significantly smaller because it’s not safe to watch at work…. I thought if it was smaller it might be hidden by your big head from the peepers you work with.


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