Monthly Archives: November 2011


Fucking listen!  I didn’t say glisten.

Time Lapse..Lapses.

An animated image of seasons repeated.  Play the song while you contemplate and, and enjoy the song and look at it.

..n’t my blog…apparently most people I know, don’t.

Good for them, scroll quickly.

Happy dayday it’s a day and will soon become an evening and transform to a night.  I don’t live on scheduled holidays.  Enjoy yourself.  I will tease and love everyone close to me.

I understand if you don’t understand, because we’re all trying to understand and most of the time i’m the worst at it.

Our human bodies don’t produce infinite shapes of eyes.

Yep, if you were born with fucked up eyes, you’re fucked……imagine what happens with the rest of you.


All shapes are finite and can be counted.


I sometimes wish my eye were shaped like a box with adhesive abrasions.  We can cook pineapple, it’s a fruit with a Fibonacci skin.


People sleep, I’ve seen it happen!

I’m going to lie down on an uncomfortable bed…experience tells me I will lie there and hopefully sleep for twenty minutes.  The other two hours, I’ll contemplate having a cigarette and experience memories of  “…”.  Thankfully I have emotions, but I want to decapitate all of them right now.

Recently, I’ve found myself continuously holding my breath.