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Crotch Faces


Okay, hours after I saw the video, it was taken away for copyright infringement …THIS link should work.  

Top 100 Worst Nazis: The funniest thing I’ve seen all week.

If the pop-synth accompanied music and the speaker’s approach of announcing each name as if the character was a fashion designer doesn’t secure a chuckle, understanding satire might help.

I’ll tell you why it’s funny if you can’t find the humor, but you’ll have to ask.

Well, Gaddifi is dead…

…here is a clip along with a laugh track from the opening scene for the pilot of the short lived sitcom Second Chance in 1987.


Women Singing

I present to you three songs, the first two are legitimately great songs and quite lovely. The third video and song however is grotesque, bloody, disgusting and definitely not safe to watch at work. In fact, try and make through the first 50 seconds (the video is only 71 seconds) you’re in for a surprise.

LAST WARNING: You don’t have to watch it!


You asked for that sandwich from Quizno’s, and I said I’ll buy you one if you left and took your friend with the horizontal striped t-shirt with you. “Did you ask for it?” Yes, “…with extra Mayo and hold the bell peppers.”


not even the Mexicans play this music in Texas.

Deviants and Delinquents

Do your own thing in your own time? Yes, but not in all circumstances. This is fodder for the fire and strange things found on the internet that might scare.