strong words

Vehement what the fuck.

I’m okay, on level, thinking of synonyms seem to help.

This site is a diary and when I go back to listen to a song or enjoy a video I’ve found, and it’s not there because of a copyright issue, or membership agreements aren’t copacetic with YouTube I get a little discombobulated.  Things are almost (ALMOST) impossible to find, and when I do and they’re erased,  I turn teenage delinquent for nine minutes thirty one seconds…

and I can say “Fuck You” in several languages…

I noticed last week,  a lot of my videos from YouTube on my blog are reported defunct.  I really started looking today and it’s an epidemic of… the clip or scene was removed.

I can’t apologize for youtube, I won’t, but I’ll tell them that they are just a bunch of children.

Watch them before they disappear!

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