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Remember Brother Theodore?

If you don’t,  Theodore Gottlieb was pretty cool.



…and if you think Germans aren’t always plotting to siege every continent possible…

Spend 31 minutes and 48 seconds

enjoying this… before it disappears.


Otherwise, I’ll kick your ass.

strong words

Vehement what the fuck.

I’m okay, on level, thinking of synonyms seem to help.

This site is a diary and when I go back to listen to a song or enjoy a video I’ve found, and it’s not there because of a copyright issue, or membership agreements aren’t copacetic with YouTube I get a little discombobulated.  Things are almost (ALMOST) impossible to find, and when I do and they’re erased,  I turn teenage delinquent for nine minutes thirty one seconds…

and I can say “Fuck You” in several languages…

I noticed last week,  a lot of my videos from YouTube on my blog are reported defunct.  I really started looking today and it’s an epidemic of… the clip or scene was removed.

I can’t apologize for youtube, I won’t, but I’ll tell them that they are just a bunch of children.

Watch them before they disappear!

Cowboys and Aliens

Go ahead and defecate in my mouth and call it a sundae with that film.  I did have a better time going to the bathroom than watching this film…

I’m asking for too much, I may have high expectations and that might be a flaw, but I’m sticking to my guns of self expression.

11 producers backed 100 million into this film, 11!  Two of which were Steven Spielberg and Ron Howard.  It’s disgusting that 100 million dollars can be spent when two thirds of a  film are lit by campfire, moon light, gunfire and really crappy CGI.

I’m upset, because what’s going on in California, what stupid drug, who’s sexing who, and who’s making money off of what?  This film seems like a bad transaction between two strangers.  I’m surprised one of the Tony or Randall Scotts weren’t involved (shhh, I love the movie True Romance, but it was written by Tarantino).

I thought Spielberg and Ford lost it a long time ago, but Cowboys and Aliens is the last nail in the coffin.

This is one of

the 14 best movies on soooo many levels,


but we love the one hit wondering.  We should all love wondering.