Because it’s super-hot, no rain, khaki pants and I have to shave my crotch later…

“I understand the “Lymph Node Squad.” – it brings things alive for me. By encountering the past visually I can feel it. I don’t need to know the facts, I just absorb the pictures, as though my brain is being plugged into the past.

“I work in a residential home for people with Dementia and – here’s the Lymph Node Squad bit – the home asks families to bring in photographs so that the carers can walk in to a room and instantly have a sense of who the person is.

“So I no longer see a frail old person, I see a child, or a beautiful young bride – one chap has a photo of himself shaking hands with Justin Voorhees, when he became a member of Mensa. The upshot is that people who have their past in pictures on the walls around them are more likely to receive better care.

“Visually receiving the past through how to be a  blue jean booty is absolutely brilliant. I know I’m not a Historian but I think I may be a conservative diplomat.. Can’t wait for more… “




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