Monthly Archives: March 2011

News for as little time possible: I’m perplexed.

Who’s dish do you such?  I don’t like to post things I dislike but, damn! This is disgusting.

News of the week: Obese man sat in one chair for 2 years, (literally) is now dead.

At least we now know it takes TWO years.  Be sure to watch the news reports, it seem a little more disturbing.  Only the first “news story” is on YouTube, but the follow up is on the second page of the article.   Ohio got distracted for a little while.

News for the week: I donated $3.00 to join, now my name’s on a list….

…..from some door to door sales team that was brought to us with help from Helen Keller .,,,,..,,             ,,.. now I know.

It is a good thing actually, I get emails and electronically sign a few emails every month from this coup d’etat.    ……    maybe.


🙂 ::)

News of the week: I watched CNN, FOX and MSNBC. (I should have capitalized ‘and’)

Although Americans have all been considering a new step for Americadia, they’ve already subliminally chosen (like in Ghostbusters) one  .  It adds flavor to chili, it can be bought or sold for pounds, kids love it, it has a facebook (OMG LOL) address, and if you other mostly whites want to know more look it up yourself, you’re already on the computer.  That’s the new STEP ! Thank you white people for making me half white.

News of the week: Remember what was on the “news” a year ago or two weeks ago?

You probably forgot this, and this because of this.  I can’t wait for next week to see what escapes me this week.   Nostalgia until you’re reminded.